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Why Get a Vendor management Inventory System

Managing packaging inventory is critical for processing orders in a good manner. But, poor management leads to outages, the orders being incorrect, and trying to call a vendor in hopes they get the items to you in time. This is stressful, and many times, the supplies that are in the warehouse could be used for other stuff and not take up space. 

But, you should also keep in mind that a warehouse is typically overstocked so you don’t run out of materials, but ordering more than that is going to cost you so much more than you necessarily need to pay. But, it’s a hard road to navigate, balancing out both of these, having enough supplies while also using the space in the warehouse efficiently. You probably have run out of space in the past, stalling growth by not having enough room to store the products. It’s a common problem, since inventory accounts for 30% of warehouse storage and manufacturing companies, and a majority of that is packaging supplies.

But, better inventory managing is possible. With VMI systems, you eliminate the costs that aren’t needed, and you have a better system and it’s so simple since it lets a vendor keep track of everything you need. 

Inventory management is one of the best things to get, and working with a vendor is incredibly simple. To use this, you essentially have a system that lets you update the stock levels with a scanner or barcode within a program that’s web based. From there, the vendor handles the rest. You can also get a manual one, which means that you typically will have someone come in to directly check the packaging levels that are there, and update the information that’s there, and from there, they’ll help you place orders too when you need more items. 

For most businesses, oftentimes this erases the pain points that warehouses have allowing for a more efficient use as well. 

You don’t have to manage as much information, nor do you have to keep track of the stock levels either. Most of the VMI systems with auto update, and from there, you can have the vendor send the information that’s there, and they can also send out the orders too so you don’t fall behind the count that’s there.

From there, you only pay for what you need. You don’t have to suffer from the nightmare of having too much and keeping all of it around. You never have to worry about a stopped production line.

You also get updates too automatically, so if there is a stock that runs lt at night, they can help with this too. 

For most people, this is a wonderful system, allowing for real-time updates on everything, and updating the numbers that you need. One scan will tell you the stock levels of everything, allowing for you to keep the stock that you need. I highly recommend a vendor system, especially if you hate monitoring this.