Producing a Branded Unpacking Experience

For an online business (which is popularly being called “ecommerce” these day), the package is the face of the company.  It is the only part of the company that someone is going to be able to see in 3D, touch with their hands, and experience physically.

So it should go without saying that the receiving and unboxing experience should be complete, which is going to lay largely with the shipping supplies and how they have been designed and are being used.

Delivering a Brand

By now, people want an “experience” when it comes to making a purchase.  If they go to the store and get to use all of their senses in picking out their product, they are getting that experience.  Now that ecommerce has developed into a booming enterprise, those online businesses need to develop a specific brand to keep them the forerunners of their competition.  You might have the same-priced product as a different company, but if they are offering a unique and tasteful unwrapping experience, that’s probably a big reason why consumers are choosing them over you.


Developing a Brand

The most important part about developing your brand is making sure that it’s sustainable.  That the customers keep coming back.  Research shows that half of customers return to an online company when they have been delivered premium packaging supplies.  That’s a lot of business!  On top of that, people love sharing their experiences.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people post their unboxing experiences on social media.  That could be your business (aka free marketing) if you take the time to develop a sustainable brand.


Designing a Brand

Once a gain, the key element to designing a brand and producing a unique unpacking experience centers around your packaging supplies.  It is highly recommended that you work with a team of marketing and design specialists to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  Right out of the gates is the shipping box: it’s the first thing your customer is going to see.  Custom prints and designs are crucial here, with your brand printed clearly.  Also, don’t underestimate the value of tissue paper.  Studies show that it has NOT become outdated.  As a matter of fact, it adds an element of mystery and suspense that people just can’t get enough of.


Try to develop a filler that is fun and unique (not just your standard packing peanuts).  Use stickers to seal the sides of cartons and to keep tissue paper folded together.  Go beyond including a business card by including a custom note.  I would even suggest including a free gift.